Automotive Charging System Training Stand MSMSG1

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Automotive Charging System Training Stand MSMSG1

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The AutoEDU charging system training stand is specially designed to demonstrate working principals of the car alternator which is used in modern automobiles for charging the battery and powering the electrical system when the engine is in running condition. The functional alternator is driven by electrical 2,2 kW motor. The alternator is installed in the aluminum frame and covered with the plexiglass for the safety reasons. This training stand can be used to help students understand the operation and common testing procedures, battery charging or discharging, common problems such as negative terminal fault and etc. The possibility to adjust rotational speed of the alternator gives additional information about the work of the alternator at different RPM. All important information is shown on 3 digital panels: charging, voltage and RPM.
The training stand has integrated positive and negative terminal and could be used together with the AutoEDU charging system training stand.

Technical specifications and functions

Fully functional system with the 12V alternator in a light aluminum frame
Real automotive components
Battery charging/discharging with the alternator
Alternator loading simulation
Negative terminal fault simulation
Adjustable rotation speed of the alternator
Information panels with loading, charging, RPM and voltage systems
Alternator is driven by 2,2kW electric motor
Power supply: 220V
The stand could be used as a power supply for another AutoEDU training stands
Open contacts for measurements


Power supply: 220V
Made in Lithuania
CE certificate

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