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30 Jul
Didac India 2019

Didac India 2019

DIDAC INDIA is India’s Only and Asia Pacific’s Largest Event for Educational Material, Training & Technology based solutions for all levels and sectors of the Indian Education & Training Industry. You will find AutoEDU in DIDAC INDIA 2019, HALE No1, Stand E15 DATES : 24th to 26th September, 2019 VENUE : Hall No. 1 Bangalore […]

20 Mar


As the second part of a major release of data, this month saw Autodata add a huge number of new models, plus updated data for existing models to the Autodata workshop application. In total 36 manufacturers have seen vehicle variants added this month – including Ford, BMW, Citroën, Infiniti, SEAT and more. VEHICLE ADDITIONS & […]

19 Mar
AutoEDU Hybrid engine training stand just delivered to Lublin University, Poland 8

AutoEDU Hybrid engine training stand just delivered to Lublin University, Poland

There are a lot of questions about the hybrid technology cars. Fully operational, automotive training equipment, hybrid electric system with petrol internal combustion engine mounted in a mobile frame made from a donor car. The hybrid system is designed to demonstrate the internal combustion engine, electric motor, gearbox and structure of the rechargeable energy storage […]

10 Sep
new-catalog-2018-autoEDU automotive training equipment

AutoEDU New catalog

The new AutoEDU catalog is now ready. The catalog contains information about the main products and provides an easy way to find the facts you need. The latest copy of the catalog is available online. Download here

28 Aug
Car charging system training stand with 12V alternator automotive education and training equipment

Automotive charging system training stand

Automotive charging system training stand is specially designed for students of technical studies for theoretical and practical training. This kind of educational equipment is widely used in educational institutions as an educational aid to demonstrate the system’s functions and how the vehicles charging system works. This training stand is a great tool for training not […]

22 Dec
Truck diesel engine model

Heavy vehicle engine model for training

AutoEDU introduses a heavy vehicle model of a truck diesel engine. This truck diesel model is a fully functional engine, specially designed to demonstrate Common Rail injection system. Educational truck model is made of original components of the MAN truck engine. This is a great educational tool for vocational and technical training and allows students […]

11 Dec
Diesel DOHC Common Rail engine cutaway model

Cutaway engine models are great tools for educational institutions

Cutaway engine models are often used as teaching equipment in educational institutions. These tools help students explain and visualize different components, technical characteristics and features, engine operation modes and etc. Students can observe processes occurring inside the engine and study the cutaway engine model. The cutaway engine model is made of an original car engine, […]

30 Nov
Toyota Prius Cabrio Version Functional Model

Significant role of HYBRID technology

Every day the demand for vehicles with hybrid technology is growing, therefore the need to study and train about it is becoming more and more important. AutoEDU offers a great solution for didactic purposes – Toyota Prius II Hybrid Technology functional model. AutoEDU offers two versions of this model, the standard version of Toyota Prius […]

27 Jul
MSTACH03 - Analogue tachograph

Educational analogue tachograph

Analogue  tachographs with paper disc charts are still used in older trucks or other commercial vehicles.  As a result there is still a demand for older generation equipment and both truck drivers and automotive technical subject students as well as control authorities must understand the operation of the analogue tachograph, the operating modes and requirements […]